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Cheryl Congdon – Founder/ CEO, Grey Method

Spend five minutes on the phone or in the room with Cheryl Congdon and you know all things are possible. She’s a ninja who can see through any barrier to your business objectives or discern limitless opportunities hidden just around the corner. She’s a catalyst that ignites powerful branding, marketing and media synergies that yield extraordinary results. She’s a mover, shaker and no-prisoner taker driven by intelligence, passion and grit.

Cheryl honed her razor-sharp strategies and tactics over years of experience in anticipating and meeting the challenges of the highly competitive, constantly evolving travel and entertainment marketplace.

As Sales Manager and Publisher for Kellogg Media Group, Cheryl managed its publishing process from editorial and art direction to traffic and accounting. She also engineered the magazine’s successful expansion into the Las Vegas market where her dynamic sales initiatives consistently delivered revenue that surpassed KMG objectives.

Cheryl developed a vast integrated marketing and media expertise during her tenure with Tribune Media, where she built and managed multiple million-dollar accounts, in Las Vegas, LA, Hawaii, the western U.S. region, Europe and the Middle East, for the Los Angeles Times.

Her platinum portfolio included Caesars Entertainment, MGM Resorts International, Wynn Casino Resorts, Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority, AEG Worldwide, UFC, Cirque du Soleil, various international airlines and European tourism bureaus, and even a few singers you may have heard of… Do Celine Dion, Jennifer Lopez, Andrea Bocelli and Sir Elton John ring any bells?

Cheryl didn’t just sell advertising. She integrated marketing, PR, media and sponsorship opportunities that enabled her clients to exponentially increase exposure, engagement, value and ROI. And she created strategic relationships that continue to serve these clients.

Always in search of new adventures, Cheryl turned to business development. She attracted a Zagat-rated Las Vegas chef, and launched Brushfire Tacos y Tapas, which quickly became the #1 Mexican restaurant in Peoria, Arizona, near Phoenix. Cheryl not only developed and managed all marketing, PR and media campaigns, she also created the Brushfire brand and its unique presence in the marketplace.

All of these successes finally led Cheryl to found Grey Method, a full-service strategic media, business development and publishing company, emphasizing branding and marketing. The madness behind her method can only be described as a maniacal commitment to organizational growth, arising from a fixation on innovation, a contagious entrepreneurial spirit and a sense of humor that’s just plain nuts.

Fortunately, her therapy includes TRAVEL, golfing, TRAVEL, hiking, TRAVEL, yoga, TRAVEL, biking and, of course massive doses of mint chocolate chip ice cream. You can often find her collaborating with the team and her dog, Miley Roo, the office guroo.

“The grey area allows unfiltered ideas to surface, uncovering limitless possibilities. We are change agents that guide our clients to see new opportunities and prosper”.